Health Week: Smoothies

This morning we mad our own delicious smoothies, but more importantly they were all healthy options. This fitted in perfectly to our school’s Health Week where we will be learning about how to be healthy and participating in a number of healthy activities.

We split into teams and decided which ingredients we were going to use, before all playing a part in making our smoothies.

Ready Steady Cook

This morning Year 5 pupils, along with other children from across the school, took part in a ‘Ready Steady Cook’ challenge run by Chartwells.

The children, who were supported by our very own Miss Goll and Miss Lambert (Year 1), were tasked to make a healthy but tasty meal within fifteen minutes using the ingredients available in front of them. As a school, we also learnt lots of amazing information about healthy food options and how they can improve our health. The Red Team made a wonderful coconut chicken curry with couscous, while the Green Team produced mouthwatering barbecue vegetable raps and spicy rice.

Maths: Bubble Method

We have been using the ‘Bubble Method’ to help develop our confidence at answering percentage questions. The extremely simple but effective method makes even the most challenging percentage questions much more able to calculate through following repeated patterns of either halving or dividing by ten. Here is an example of one child demonstrating how the method can quickly calculate all key percentages, which when combined may find any other percentage.

Anne Frank

This morning, we were extremely fortunate to have a number of ambassadors from the Anne Frank Foundation come into our class.

The ambassadors, who were Year 8 students from Archbishop Blanche, gave a lesson about Anne Frank and important topics such as stereotyping, victimisation and how being disrespectful to people’s cultures can have devastating effects. It was an extremely moving lesson and the children learnt a lot about how they should and should not act.




Which charity would you choose?

This afternoon we have been discussing charity work as part of our RE topic. We have learnt how all the major religions have an element of charity as part of their principles, before examining some of the more common UK charities.

The children were then asked to create their own presentation for a fake charity they were given, providing reasons why others should support them. Watch the video below to see their presentation: